Individual, breed specific styles and care.

Full Groom

(prices vary $70-$200+)
2 baths, ear cleaning, fluff drying, nails, stylish haircut of your choosing, & lots of TLC.

Mini Groom

(prices vary $50-$125+)
2 baths, ear cleaning, fluff drying, nails, pads, round feet, trim face/eyes/mouth, full brush out.

Brush out

(Starts at $25)
No bath, just a brush & comb through your dog. A good way to keep your dog’s hair maintained at a longer length, Great option for doodles and similar coats. 


Cut & grind as short as possible without hurting your pet. I like to use treats when possible, to help keep it positive.

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Add ons

Dematting ($1 per minute)

If your dog is matted and requires extra time I may need to add on a dematting fee. Sometimes I can brush it out, other times I may need to spot shave an area. It really depends on the condition and tolerance level of the dog. I always aim to keep time spent on my table as positive as possible, so there are cases where shaving is best, but I will always notify you before I do it.

Flea bath $15

I use safe all natural flea shampoo. I carefully go through your pet’s coat to do my best to remove all fleas. However, further treatment at home will be necessary as I can only remove what is currently on your dog and there are most likely others at home as well.

Lanolin & hot oil bath $10

Lanolin can be helpful in hydrating dry coats and removing dander. This service is done as a 3rd bath right before your pet comes out of the tub.