Nail clipping and filing

Nail trimming and filing

At ABC Dog Grooming and Pet Sitting, we use high quality nail clippers and grinders to trim your pet’s nails.  We aim to provide your pet with nails as short as possible without hurting the animal.

In some cases, frequent visits might be necessary to get the nails to a healthy length.  For maintenance purposes, we recommend nail trimming every four weeks.

How often should I brush my Dog’s teeth?

Oral hygiene is essential to your dog’s overall health.  Oral disease is a very common problem in dog’s and cats.  Up to 80% of dogs by the age of 3 are affected by oral disease.  You can significantly reduce your dog’s risk of getting oral disease by establishing an oral-care routine early in your pet’s life. […]

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Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks can be a real problem for pet owners.  They can make your dog or cat extremely itchy ...