Dog Grooming

  • Dog Size
  • Mini Groom
  • Full Groom
  • Small
  • $25-$35
  • $45-$55.00
  • Medium
  • $35-45
  • $55-$65.00
  • Large
  • $45-$55
  • $70.00 and up

*All listed prices are general starting rates.  Prices may vary based on breed, size, temperament, and coat condition.  Please contact us for a specific breed quote.

De-Matting: starting at $30.00/hr


Nail cutting and filing: $15.00

Teeth Brushing

Initial Scrapping: starting at $45.00

Maintenance: starting at $15.00-$45


Normal Circumstances: $30.00-$40.00 per day for one dog, $55.00-$65.00 per day for two dogs, and $70.00-85.00 per day for 3 dogs.
Prices may vary for dogs with special needs or difficulties.  Contact us for a quote.

How often should I brush my Dog’s teeth?

Oral hygiene is essential to your dog’s overall health.  Oral disease is a very common problem in dog’s and cats.  Up to 80% of dogs by the age of 3 are affected by oral disease.  You can significantly reduce your dog’s risk of getting oral disease by establishing an oral-care routine early in your pet’s life. […]

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Fleas and Ticks

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